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Classes for Painters and Mixed Media Artists

This is a sampling of my most popular classes. There are many more! Or I can custom design a class for your group within my skillset. Drop me an e-mail and we can start the conversation! All classes include extensive handouts and most require a supply fee for the extensive supplies provided.

Mark Making in Abstract Expressionism

       Starting with the scribbles of toddlerhood, we have been expressing ourselves with marks. In abstract expressionism, mark making can be a very important element of our paintings. Mark making is about communicating an idea or an emotion with a mark - a line, a circle, a dash, a dot, a scribble, a smear of color.

     The energy put into the mark, somehow, is conveyed to our viewers, for the energy that goes into making the mark comes through in the mark itself. In an era dominated by media, technology and photography, mark making and its energy has become increasingly more valued in abstract works. We will take some time to explore Asemic writing, an illegible form of abstract writing.  We will then explore adding the abstract writing to our paintings as a textural element.

Experimental Water Media

      Create paintings that will “Wow” everyone by pouring color onto the watercolor papers. We’ll work with the new and very brilliant QoR watercolors made by Golden Paints. The pouring technique results in a loose, flowing, colorful wash that happens naturally with this wet-into-wet technique.  After students learn the basic wash technique, they will experiment with various other techniques. These will include the tried and true salt and alcohol but we will add things like pastel powders, metal leaf, metallic powders, collage and more.

      These techniques create very unique and interesting abstract works. We’ll take some time to explore markmaking and Asemic (abstract) writing and learn the best ways to include this writing into our abstract works Most students who have taken this class have gone home with several “framable” abstract paintings as well as the book.

Acrylics ~ Textures, Layers & Metallics

      My most popular class! Adopted from my Creatvie Catalyst video wiith the same title, this class is about building a painting layer by layer. Students will be painting with thin glazes of acrylic paint and then begin adding additional layers of textures and paint. Texture will be formed in many ways including use of miscellaneous acrylic media and other household items. Together these ingredients create a richly textured painting. Students will develop an understanding of how to make many different acrylic mediums work better for them in their art work. Metallic foils and paints may be added to highlight textured areas of the painting. Design qualities of an Abstract Painting is an integral part of the class. 

Transparent Collage

      Students in this class will make their own collage papers with tissue and paints and textures. They will learn about color theory and building collages with acrylic mediums. The different types and uses for various acrylic mediums will be discussed. Adding imagery to your collages as well as the layout and design of a good collage will also be an integral part of the class.

Simple Metal Etching

       You will  be amazed when you discover how easy it is to etch a design in metal!  We’ll work with rubber stamps, markers or do xerox transfers on brass and copper to create etched panels that are works of art in themselves. We will etch these pieces chemically to create small metallic works of art that can stand on their own or be used to make jewelry, collage pieces or book covers.  In addition, you can draw or letter on the metal and then etch it to create something completely original. We will do a simple patina on the metal to enhance the designs.  You will be able to complete several pieces in class. The supplies are simple and readily available so you will be able to continue your metal play on your own at home.

Glorious Papers

        In this class we will explore the use of color and effects on paper to create a variety of designs. These designs can be used for bookbinding, collage, altered books and more! We will work with all different types of papers - mulberry, tissue, watercolor paper and brown wrapping paper. We will add surface additions such as molding paste, fiber paste, powders, metallic and pearlized paints. We will also work with resists and stamps and acrylic paints. Students in this class receive a wealth of techniques for decorating papers.

Go for the Gesso

       Gesso was originally meant to be a primer but it can be so much more! In this class students will learn to stamp, stencil, and make marks with gesso to form glorious papers that can be used for collage, bookbinding and more.  Working with both black and white gesso, paricipants will learn many techniques that are great for "painting starters" or journal pages. A transfer technique using gesso can also be added to the class.

Abstract Painting: Balancing Simplicity and Complexity

        This class is about painting abstractly with acrylics and using acrylic mediums and will emphasize taking shapes and elements out as well as adding new ones, always looking for a balance of simplicity and complexity. She encourages students to work from their own resources, transferring the energy of their bodies, through the brush, onto the canvas or paper. We will define the composition of these shapes using the principles and elements of design. Simple color theory will be presented. Acrylic "techniques" are introduced; using textural media and collage elements to enhance our work, building layers and complexity and creating a rich surface for our viewers to experience.

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