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Classes for Calligraphers

Classes for Calligraphers

This is a sampling of my most popular classes. There are many more! Or I can custom design a class for your group within my skillset. Drop me an e-mail and we can start the conversation! All classes include extensive handouts and most require a supply fee for the extensive supplies provided.

 Calligraphic Collage

       On the first day of this class students will free their creative spirit experimenting with transparent watercolors! Working abstractly, we’ll play with salt, sand, bronzing powders, resists, lace and oriental papers. Students will work with a limited palette – “Pouring” colors into wet-on-wet washes with limited brushwork. These abstract washes will create the perfect background for calligraphic works and collages. Students will leave the workshop with lots of painted papers for further explorations in their own studios!

Layout and Design for Calligraphers

We do the same "Experimental Watercolor" techniques as described above, but instead of building a collage, we build a broadside, using the watercolor pages as a backgrounds.

Put the Letter to the Metal ~ A Simple Metal Etching for Calligraphers

     You will be amazed when you find out how easy it is to etch your calligraphy in metal! In class we will work with several methods for making marks and images on the metal that will act as a resist when the metal is etched. You can draw or letter on the metal and then etch it to create something completely original. We will work with Xerox transfers, markers and stamps to create some original designs from lettering and imagery.   Some simple patinas will be used to enhance the images etched in the metal. You will be able to complete several pieces in class. This class has a higher supply fee due to the costs of the metal that is provided to students.

 Visual Poetry

      In this class students will work with both canvas and paper on the layering of abstract handwriting and calligraphy with acrylic paints. Participants will work either with their own words or their response to other’s words, either prose or poetry. Rhythmic writing, handwriting and broad edged calligraphy will be combined with acrylic painting techniques to form a layered calligraphic work. The processes and mediums required for working on canvas with acrylic media are an integral part of the class.  Adding metallic leaf to the works on canvas will  also be explored.

Lively and Luscious Layers

      This class is about building a calligraphic painting layer by layer. Students will work on paper with acrylic media, including the new High Flow Acrylics by Golden.  Transparent washes will be layered with various styles of broad edged or brush lettering, markmaking and abstract handwriting to form a luscious abstract work.  The class will emphasize self expression through calligraphic works and words. Final works may or may not be legible.


 Sumptuous Surfaces!

      This session will be an unhurried exploration of how to develop a rich surface. Through a series of exercises, we’ll use simple materials—mainly paint, paste, and pastels and charcoal.  We’ll build layers; then cover and uncover portions of those layers. As we practice simplifying, omitting, balancing visual activity and quiet, we will discover from within what leads to the best integration of our ideas and feelings. Covering, uncovering, discovering! We will then design and make an artist’s book compiling our explorations. As we assemble our pages, we will talk about and use the elements of good design as they  apply to page layouts.

Paste and Patina Papers

      This class will help you to learn the proper techniques for making paste papers with a beautiful, smooth velvety finish. These papers are wonderful for binding books, making boxes, backgrounds for stamping and collages.  Because we are using a methyl-cellulose paste, the surface is great for writing on – making them good for calligraphy projects or beautiful journal pages! The patina papers actually resemble metals! The techniques for making these papers have been developed by Jacqueline, combining faux finish and paper decorating techniques. The colors that we will be using are a unique combination of paste, acrylic color and bronzing powders. This special combination gives a brilliant metallic look to the  papers. Students will work with simple color theories to keep their papers brilliant and beautiful. 

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