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Meet the Artist

I have been a teaching artist for 30 years and I love to teach! It has been an honor to be invited to teach for Art Centers and Studios across North America as well as having been chosen as a faculty member for several International Calligraphy Conferences. Seeing the joy in students’ faces when they create something that pleases them brings me joy. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given to inspire others in their creative journey.

Mixed media, acrylic paints, calligraphy, bookbinding, and fiber arts - I have loved them all since I first discovered each medium. I have a degree in graphic design and worked for many years as a publication, marketing, and advertising designer. But my passion has always been with color and paint, no matter what the surface. 

Personal artistic development has been a lifeline as I work my way through the challenges life has brought. My mixed media, book art, calligraphic and acrylic work has been shown in galleries and top juried art fairs nationwide. I believe that asking “What if?” and keeping a spirit of adventure and discovery is important as I follow my creative path and attempt to create something original. I love experimenting with texture, layers, marks, paint, and dyes. I'm proud to be a Certified Artist Educator for Golden Paints. I am also an Ambassador for Ampersand and on the education teams for Silver Brush and Marabu Creative.

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ampersand artist ambassador jacqueline sullivan
silver brush educator jacqueline sullivan
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