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Classes for Book Making Artists

This is a sampling of my most popular classes. There are many more! Or I can custom design a class for your group within my skillset. Drop me an e-mail and we can start the conversation! All classes include extensive handouts and most require a supply fee for the extensive supplies provided.

 Forged Metal Artist Book

      This great artist’s book looks like it is forged from a piece of old steel, but in reality it is created using a fairly simple texturing technique done with metal tape, textural elements and acrylic paint. This technique could be applied to many book forms, but in this class we will concentrate on the Japanese Stab binding book form. Students will create “content” for their books with various media, including powdered paints and gesso.

Creativity Collage Journal

     In this class students will practice mark making with sumi ink on a full sized sheet of watercolor paper.  Students will then paint and decorate some smaller sheets of paper to use as collage elements. Creativity quotes printed on handmade and interesting sheets of paper will be provided to include in the collages on the book pages. The large sheet of paper will be cut down to make the base for the book pages and sewn together with a simple pamphlet stitch.  The pages of the book will then be finished with small “creativity collages”.

Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 2.20.12 PM.png

Paste and Patina Papers

        This class will help you to learn the proper techniques for making paste papers with a beautiful, smooth velvety finish. These papers are wonderful for binding books, making boxes, backgrounds for stamping and collages.  Because we are using a methyl-cellulose paste, the surface is great for writing on – making them good for calligraphy projects or beautiful journal pages! The patina  papers actually resemble metals!

        The techniques for making these papers have been developed by Jacqueline, combining faux finish and paper decorating techniques. The colors that we will be using are a unique combination of paste, acrylic color and bronzing powders. This special combination gives a brilliant metallic look to the  papers. Students will work with simple color theories to keep their papers brilliant and beautiful. 

The Transforming Artist Book

     An Artist's Book – what is that? My definition is a book whose whole entity is intended to be a work of art. In this class, we will create An Artist’s Book that transforms into a different composition with the turning of each page.  While the structure is simple, it’s the beauty of watching each page turn into a different work of art as you turn the pages.

     We’ll make this work of art by first creating some of the elements on the pages. We’ll do some Mark Making and Asemic writing. We’ll create some decorative papers and some tiny little ink paintings. Holes may be punched/ cut into the pages.  We may weave some other papers or ribbons or threads into the book. The paper of the pages will vary in size, shape, type and color.  And we will collage our various elements into the book to create our work of art.  You will learn a lot of techniques that can be incorporated into your future art works.

     Once finished, the book will be bound in a “2 signatures as one” pamphlet binding. Finished size will be approximately 5 ½” x 8 ½” with a paper cover.

Moore book inside pages.jpg

Stamp, Stencil,Brush and Roll

     If you want to be truly original – what better way to start than by making your own tools? In this hands-on process class, we will make our own tools by gluing simple materials together. These materials will form simple stamps that will print shapes and mark, for decorative papers for book pages or covers. We will also cut and punch our own stencils from various materials. Swimming pool noodles will be altered to roll through wet paint or paste to form repeat designs.  Shoe strings, rubber bands and dowel sticks will make unique brushes that make great marks. Our class will end the day using all of new tools to make a few sheets of decorative paper. These one-of-a-kind papers will be appropriate for later use in handmade books, scrapbooks, origami, cards, ATC’s ~ wherever your imagination takes you!

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