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brown and black abstract artwork created by Jacqueline sullivan

Explore, Create, and Thrive with
Jacqueline Sullivan!
Welcome to her Artistic Universe

Dive into Jacqueline Sullivan's world of boundless creativity. Explore her captivating original mixed-media artwork that weaves stories through color and texture. Elevate your skills through a myriad of enriching online classes, offering flexible learning at your own pace. Alternatively, join her vibrant in-person classes for guided hands-on experiences. Unleash your creative potential today!

jacqueline sullivan working on art teaching a class

Meet Jacqueline

Teaching people to get in touch with their creativity is Jacqueline Sullivan's passion as well as her profession!

Discover my Artistic Treasures:
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Originals by
Jacqueline Sullivan
Artful Greeting Cards
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Journey into Creativity:
My Art Portfolio

Step into a realm where colors breathe and stories unfold. Immerse yourself in my original artworks, each stroke a whisper, each hue a feeling. From bold abstracts to serene landscapes, every piece is a journey, a moment frozen in time.

Feel the emotions stirred, the memories awakened. These artworks are more than mere visuals – they are an invitation to make art a part of your world. Choose a piece that resonates, and let its story intertwine with yours.

Welcome to a gallery of inspiration and wonder

Learn at Your Own Pace, Elevate Your Skills
in the Digital Classroom

In-Person Classes: Unleash Your Creativity with
Guided Artistic Expression

No events at the moment
On the Horizon
On the Horizon
Aug 25, 2023, 9:00 AM CDT
Shake Rag Alley
Imposing order in a chaotic abstract work can often be difficult. In exploring the design of an abstract work, remembering the rule of thirds is helpful.
The Painted Collage
The Painted Collage
Oct 23, 2023, 9:00 AM EDT
Framing by Design
Feel the joy of creating your own original collage painting in an experience guided by a Golden Certified Teaching Artist!
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